Richard Scott - The Tonite Show Host

Courtesy of Richard Pratz.  Richard Scott (real name, Richard Pratz) host of CKSO TV's The Tonite Show.

Story behind this photo:  Richard Scott, host of the Tonite Show, garnered for his boyhood home in the United States some home town pride for making his mark in Sudbury.  The following item, along with this photo, was published in his family's home town church bulletin:

The November-December Issue, 1973

"Here's Dickie", Richard Pratz (Scott) and his talk show in Sudbuiy, Ontario, Canada. We remember Dick as a young boy with his hilarious impersonations of well-known personalities "way bock when". He is now a veteran newscaster of fifteen years, host of the new Tonight Show produced by Channel 5 in Sudbury, quite similar to the Johnny Carson show. We share Kay's pride in the success of her son. (Come to think about it, didn't both Dick and Bob Fosse get their start in "show biz" on the stage in our gym?)

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