Bill Hart

Bill Hart came to work in Sudbury at CKSO after working with the likes of Red Skelton and Gordon Pinsent in television and theatre.   He is also credited as being one of the driving forces behind the creation of the Sudbury Theatre Centre.  Bill Hart was also the founder of Thorneloe University's Theatre Program and Laurentian University's Distance Education Program.

Hart's family was centred in the theatre in Holland.  He emigrated with his family to Canada in the 1950's.

Mr. Hart was the first producer-director at CFTO in Toronto.  He helped turn the station into one of the most influential private stations in Canada during the birth of television.  He moved to Sudbury to become a director at CKSO Television.

In 1971 Bill Hart, Sonia Dunn, Carolyn Fouriezos, Bob Remnant and Peg Roberts, all members of the Sudbury Little Theatre Guild, were vital players in forming Sudbury's first professional theatre, Sudbury Theatre.

He died December 1, 2004 at age 78.

A Sudbury-based actor, Ron Tough, was quoted in the media as he described his appreciation and honour for Bill.  Tough said that Bill Hart, "...possessed a wonderful understanding of the human condition… and he paid such attention to detail.  He knew how to bring actors along and bring out the very best in their performances."   Tough also described Bill's calibre as a director to be unmatched.

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