George Lund

George Lund - Cambrian Broadcasting Ltd.Birthdate
June 10, 1938

First Media Job
Medicine Hat, Alberta

Photo Credit
George Lund (Facebook)

The name, George Lund, is synonymous with management and leadership, not only within broadcasting circles, but also in public service. As a visionary, he has been an advocate, a proponent and a builder, benefiting and impacting the Sudbury area.

His education included Hollywood Drama School where he studied Acting and Announcing in 1957 and 1958. Prior, he attended high school at St. Joseph’s High, in Edmonton.

His career in broadcasting would span just over 40 years getting his start in 1958. His first media job was in Medicine Hat where he worked as a night time personality. After six months on the air he moved over to TV for another six months. Leaving Medicine Hat, George headed for Camrose where he was back in radio. He worked both in TV and Radio next in Edmonton.

In 1962, George Lund made the move east to Sudbury where he worked at CKSO Radio and TV. Lund remained in Sudbury until 1995 and then moved to Toronto, working at the CTV Network until 2000. His time in the broadcast industry saw the addition of several call letters to his resume including CKSO, MCTV, CFRN TV and Radio, CFCW, CHAT TV and Radio and CTV.

In Toronto at CTV Network, Lund was Senior Vice President from May of 1995 until January of 2000 when he retired from the broadcasting industry.

Outside the realm of radio and television, George Lund served as Chairman of the Restructuring Commission overseeing the amalgamation of nine towns and cities in the Greater City of Sudbury. That position kept him busy from March of 2000 until March of the next year. He would also serve as a Member of the Health Care Restructuring Commission for the Government of Ontario. This term ran from January of 1996 until January of the year 2000.

Entering politics, George was elected Councillor in the City of Sudbury. His term as Councillor ran from March of 1977 until June of 1979.

Mr. Lund was elected Chairman of the Regional Municipality of Sudbury in June, 1980, serving as Chief Executive of the City of Sudbury until July of 1981. During his term he is credited with organizing a team of community leaders who would be dedicated in the development of Science North. Sitting in the Regional Chair, he headed the Sudbury Regional Development Committee responsible for overseeing the development of Science North. This committee would then serve as the first Board of Directors, established in December of 1980 with Lund serving as President. During his presidency Lund would continue to advocate for and put his leadership skills to best use to see Science North grow from its conception to realization. He was instrumental in organizing funding missions to Inco Limited, Falconbridge, the Province of Ontario, the City of Sudbury and the Regional Municipality of Sudbury. When an actual site was needed, he led negotiations with the City of Sudbury. George is also credited with negotiating to take ownership of the Big Nickel Mine from Mr. Ted Szilva. Mr. Lund retired as President and from the Board in February of 1986. He holds an Honorary Life Membership.

On May 6, 2011, on the last day as Chief Executive Officer of Science North, Jim Marchbank and several charter Board Members were on hand for the launching of a new book, “Science North – Evolution of a Northern Dream”. The book recounts the first 25 years of the centre beginning with its inception. In speaking, Marchbank spoke of the mixed reaction first encountered over the concept of having a science centre in Sudbury. Mr. Marchbank attributed the success of Science North to the leadership and visionary skill of people like George Lund, David Pearson and other leaders. Jim said, “There was a vision of ‘what could be’ but dreams only become reality with leadership and it was these people who made Science North ‘real’.”

His personal interests and pass-time include family, golf, curling and travel.

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