James Cooper

Judge James CooperBirthplace
Sudbury, Ontario

June 17, 1900

November 29, 1979

James Maxwell Cooper was born in Sudbury on June 17, 1900. He served in Ontario provincial politics as Sudbury’s Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) from October 6, 1937 to June 30, 1943. He was a member of the Ontario Liberal Party.

During his time in the Legislature, Cooper was one of six Northern Ontario MPPs who made absent of themselves from a vote to censure the Federal Government for “not prosecuting the war (World War II) with sufficient diligence”.

Prior to being connected to CKSO, James Cooper had already established media ownership along with a Sudbury group which included Baxter Ricard, Dr. J.R. Hurtubise, J. Leo Gauthier, Liberal MP for Sudbury at the time, and Joe Samson, former Mayor of Sudbury and Chief Accountant of Sudbury Brewery and Malting Company since 1908. The group which would become known as the Sudbury Broadcasting Co. Ltd. applied for and received a licence to establish what would be the Sudbury area’s second AM station. James Cooper became Secretary in the company’s corporate structure. Signing on the air in the spring of 1947 the new station, CHNO, provided programming in English and French. This bilingual format was the first of its kind in Canada outside Quebec. George Miller who would join others in purchasing CKSO Radio and The Sudbury Star from the W.E. Mason Foundation was an additional Director with the CHNO group.

In the year 1950 James Cooper joined George Miller and W.B. Plaunt in purchasing the Sudbury Star and CKSO Radio. The new owners would see their investment grow as their company applied for and obtained a television broadcast license and would launch CKSO TV in October of 1953. This was not only Sudbury’s first television station, but was also Canada’s first privately owned station.

Mr. Cooper died on November 29, 1979 in a nursing home.

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