Anne-Marie (Mulligan) Crosby

Sudbury, Ontario

First Media Job
CKSO TV, Sudbury

Born in Sudbury, Ontario, Anne-Marie (Mulligan) Crosby was an industrious person! While working throughout the day at one job, she started a second job in the Spring of 1975 working at CKSO TV in the evening. She became the station’s weather girl doing the nightly weather reports as part of the news and sports television broadcasts. It didn’t take long before management realized Anne-Marie was right at home in a broadcast environment. She was soon offered a full-time weekday position at CKSO Radio and TV as Executive Secretary to the Television Sales Manager who had a team of seven advertising sales representatives in that department. Meanwhile, Anne-Marie continued to do the weather reports, live, on TV every night.

Just as Anne-Marie was getting comfortable in the Television Sales Department, Larry Gavin, Operations Manager of Radio and Television, encouraged her to consider radio news broadcasting as he felt she had an ideal voice for such a position. So it was then a move upstairs to radio and specifically the News Department! By day, Anne-Marie was a journalist, compiling, writing and announcing radio newscasts between 1:00 and 8:00 pm. Then it was downstairs working from 9:30 pm to midnight to handle live weather forecasts on CKSO TV weekday evenings.

After filling in and reading her first newscast live one New Year’s Eve, Anne-Marie was then offered that position permanently and continued to deliver the late night news package along with the weather, live on Newsbeat until she left CKSO. Anne-Marie continued to prove herself versatile while at Cambrian Broadcasting. She co-hosted several events including the Annual Christmas Telethon in Sudbury and in Timmins.

She continued her busy schedule at Cambrian until wedding bells in August of 1977 set her on a new path. Newly married Anne-Marie and her husband moved to London, Ontario in September of 1977. Her husband was finishing law studies at the University of Western Ontario. Anne-Marie joined the staff at CFPL Television in London where she continued to work as a journalist. The people of the London area soon got to know Anne-Marie from her nightly weather reporting on TV and by anchoring weekend newscasts. She fondly recalls an exclusive interview she was privileged to have conducted. Her very special guest was Chuck Berry and the feature was titled, “The Father of Rock and Roll - Chuck Berry”.

On the move once again, Anne-Marie and her husband traveled back to Northern Ontario in 1979 settling in North Bay and their first home purchase. The couple welcomed their first family addition with the birth of their daughter in November of that year. Anne-Marie would continue to work part-time on North Bay television filling in as News Director and on air in covering for regulars on vacation. She also covered City Hall meetings for the station. This routine continued until Anne-Marie and her family moved to Elliot Lake in the summer of 1981. Her husband and a partner opened a private law practice. The couple welcomed their second family addition, a son, born in 1982. While in Elliot Lake, Anne-Marie continued to help by covering stories for election night broadcasts for both CKSO and later for Mid-Canada Television.

Then in the summer of 1992 another move took them a little farther away, to British Columbia and the Okanagan Valley. There they built a lovely home on “The Knoll”, at Silver Star Mountain Ski Resort, outside the city of Vernon. The view from their home overlooking the Monashee Mountains coupled with the convenience of “ski in - ski out” accessibility, was more then tempting and they quickly became a family of skiers and snowboarders. They remained there for seven years and then moved down the mountain to Vernon and resided on Okanagan Lake. After 35 years together the couple divorced and Anne-Marie moved to the Coast to Richmond, B.C., a part of Greater Vancouver.

It is here, beside the ocean and beneath the expansive Western skies that Anne-Marie continues to paint professionally. She first started painting in watercolour following the birth of her daughter. Twenty-three years later she switched mediums from watercolours to oil, and has continued in oil for the last 20 years. She is a self-taught artist who has honed and mastered her skill to the degree that is appreciated by serious art collectors and made available for sale through galleries. Anne-Marie recently wrote, “As my children grew, so did my recognition as an artist. Today, my paintings are owned by collectors all over the world.”

Her paintings can be found through the Vancouver Art Gallery, Art Rental and Sales. She is also a commissioned artist working with interior designers and creating beautiful paintings for their clients. Anne-Marie’s own website, is a great place to check out her work and reproductions can be purchased at Anne-Marie has not let her voice talents go by the wayside! As an independent voice actor in the Vancouver area, her demos can be heard at

Most recently Anne-Marie has turned author having published a children’s book, “The Adventures of Will and His Lucky Blue Socks with the Rainbow Stripes” available in ebook, paperback and hardcover. As a grandmother, she has been inspired to write for children in hopes of capturing the innocence of childhood. Destined to become a series, this first book is intended to teach children about basic life concepts through using their imaginations to explore the world. Find out more, or purchase a copy at

Today Anne-Marie enjoys her three beautiful grandchildren. Two live in Vernon and the third lives in Grand Cayman in the Caribbean. She visits often!

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