Dave Deloye

Kirkland Lake, Ontario

May 15, 1943

April 24, 2014

First Media Job
CJKL Radio, Kirkland Lake

Dave Deloye became known as the voice of morning news in Sudbury. He interviewed prime ministers, international politicians, dictators and tyrants, and established a rapport with news makers from every political stripe. One could easily find some who did not agree with Dave’s views, but it was rare to find anyone who didn’t respect his integrity.

At the very young age of 15, Dave got his start in radio hosting a night time program on CJKL AM in Kirkland Lake. His voice and delivery soon opened doors to larger markets. While working full-time throughout the week in Kirkland Lake, Dave took a Friday night bus down to Toronto where he read weekend news on CHUM Radio. He anchored under the name, David Andrew. The station’s newsroom became a makeshift motel room for Dave until he took a Sunday evening bus back to Kirkland Lake.

While travelling on a train between Huntsville, Ontario and North Bay Dave met his future wife, Diane Hanes, who was born and raised in Huntsville. She graduated from Canadore College in North Bay. Upon first meeting Diane, he may well have scared her off when he asked her if she wanted to get married! Eventually in 1974 they exchanged their vows.

Dave’s career took him to Montreal at CKGM AM and then to Sudbury in 1975. Having been at CKSO in the 1960s on two separate occasions, this was his third time through the doors.

Dave’s time in Montreal and Toronto exposed him to some of the finest working news audio production desks and he envisioned what he had hoped CKSO’s engineering department might custom-build for the newsroom. Passing on his ideas and sketches, engineer Helmut Frauscher built what Dave described as a “masterpiece”. The newsroom staff could more easily prepare audio clips and soundbites for inclusion with news broadcasts. Network audio feeds, telephone interviews and weather office reports were all handled, independently and directly in the newsroom.

Dave’s mornings at CKSO were busy and hectic handling radio news and a live television newscast with Cummy Burton on sports. He recalled in a 2013 e-mail how tight the schedule was. One of his radio newscasts was at 7:30 after which he stated he would “put on a damn sportscoat, with tie, which Cummy more often than not had to fix to make me look presentable as I refused to learn to tie one!” It was a quick dash downstairs to the television studio to anchor a live newscast on the “Grace Rumball Show” at 7:45. Following the news, Dave introduced Cummy with sports and then made a very quick exit from the studio and back upstairs to handle a five-minute radio newscast at 7:55!

When he left CKSO in May of 1976 he headed down the street to CHNO where he hosted the talk show “Viewpoint” and anchored several news broadcasts. Dave would spend several years at CHNO AM.

Dave Deloye has been described as one who had a thirst for knowledge. Though he never worked in the mining industry, he maintained a special interest in mining promotion and development. He could at any time recite the price of precious metals down to the penny. He and his family enjoyed time over many summers at Nettie Lake, a 10 km drive north east of Kirkland Lake. He had a passion for deep fried fish and enjoyed a game of cards often enough that he procured a small fortune in ‘victory nickels’. Dave was often a sounding board who never backed away from a heated debate. He and his wife made their home in the Long Lake area of Sudbury.

Dave passed away April 24, 2014 at the age of 70 in Sudbury. He left behind Diane, his wife of 40 years, two children Dave Jr., daughter-in-law Wanda, a daughter Genevieve, with Jason and three grandchildren. Diane passed away in July of 2020.

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