CKSO AM Radio Full Staff (Late 1940's)

CKSO AM Staff (Early Years)
Newspaper Clip Courtesy of Peggy Bainard Acheson,
Daughter of Bill Acheson
Full CKSO AM Radio Staff (1946-1947)

W.J. Woodill, General Manager
Bill McLellan, Assistant Manager
Bill Acheson, Studio Director
Phil Pocock, Sales Department
Irv. Morrison, Chief Announcer
Dave Lilwall, Sportscaster
Bob Swain, Commentator
Don Herne, Announcer
L. Saganiewicz, Traffic Chief
May Catchpole, Traffic Department
Doris Storzuk, News Room
Doris Costello, Stenographer
Jim McRae, Chief Engineer
Paul Heikkila, Studio Engineer
W. Martindale, Operator
Ray Forbom, Operator
Ken Dobson, Announcer
Rene Riel, French Announcer
Pat St. Amand, Women's Department
Judy Bainard, Women's Department
Alf McRae, Operator
Johnny Rossi, Operator
Bob Gray, Operator
Henry Albert, Operator