Transradio Press News Service

The Newsman's Source
With CKSO AM Radio establishing itself in the Sudbury market by 1940, just five years since signing on, listeners would rely more and more on the station for news, weather, information and entertainment.  Local news was certainly a priority, but there was a growing demand for regional, national and international coverage.  Unlike today, sources for accurate news collection were quite limited and so in 1940 CKSO began subscribing to the Transradio Press News Service.  It was founded by Herbert Moore in 1934 for the sole purpose of supplying news to radio stations by teleprinter and shortwave, and was based in Manhattan.

The new service started with a modest number of 50 radio clients and another 75 clients subscribing to its shortwave service.  However by 1940 Transradio was in its heyday.  In fact it became a source of great competition to other big news services who had so far missed the boat by providing radio coverage.  In a few years however they would beat Transradio at its own game and it eventually folded in 1951.

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